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Continuous Integration

Build, test, and deploy on day one with GitLab
Outstanding source code exists. For teams and projects big and small, the proof is in the pipeline.
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Continuous Delivery

Learn to streamline and automate the application release process
Continuous delivery (CD) puts your hard work into action, handing off CI-validated code to your application via structured deployment pipelines.
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Security capabilities, integrated into your development lifecycle
Learn to integrate security into your DevOps lifecycle with GitLab
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Agile Project Management

Run high-performing Agile teams with GitLab.
Plan and manage your projects, programs, and products with integrated Agile support.
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How one of the world's largest all-remote companies manages teams and workflows
Get tried and tested tactics for building remote fluency in your organization.
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GitLab Learn Videos

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DevOps Platform - GitLab Overview in 12 mins

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GitLab Agile Project Management 4-min Overview

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GitLab-Jira Basic Integration Demo

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Version Control and Collaboration Solution Overview

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CI overview demo

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GitLab DevSecOps Tools in Action

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CD overview demo

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GitLab Developer Flow with Kubernetes

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