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Docker Hub

Decision Kit

Decision Kit

Docker Hub

Docker Hub is a cloud-based repository service in which Docker users and partners create, test, store and distribute container images. Docker Hub is the main public Docker repository which all docker tools go to by default. It offers both public repositories (for free) and private repositories (for a monthly recurring cost).

Feature Comparison

Docker image support

Supports storage and retrieval of Docker style containers.

Learn more about the GitLab container registry

Container registry webhooks

Trigger actions after a successful push to a registry to integrate Docker Hub with other services.

Learn more about GitLab registry webhooks

Container registry high availability

Highly available through the use of multiple replicas of all containers and metadata such that if a machine fails, the registry continues to operate and can be repaired.

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Container Registry geographic replication

Supports distributed teams by running multiple registry instances across several regions and syncing between data centers.

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Supports private container registries

Offers the ability to have private container registries and repositories

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SaaS container registry offering

The container registry ia available as a software service.

Learn more about the container registry available on

Use container registry through REST API

Enables support for automation and integration of container registry through a REST API.

View the docs.

Container registry storage management

In the context of the Docker registry, garbage collection is the process of removing blobs from the filesystem when they are no longer referenced by a manifest.

Check out the documentation, and get started today.

Use search to find and container images

Search your group and project’s Container Registry by image name

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Helm chart repository support

Supports storage and retrieval of Helm charts.

Check out the documentation, and get started today.

Container image cleanup policies

Easily define, manage and update project-level policies to define which images should be removed and preserved. This feature is designed to help you reduce storage costs and prevent important images from being deleted.

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