Keep strict quality standards for production code with automatic testing and reporting.

Product categories

Continuous Integration (CI)

Gain the confidence to ship at blistering speed and immense scale with automated builds, testing, and out-of-the-box security to verify each commit moves you forward.

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Code Testing and Coverage

Code testing and coverage ensure that individual components built within a pipeline perform as expected, and are an important part of a Continuous Integration framework.

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Performance Testing

Be confident in the performance of your changes by ensuring that they are validated against real world scenarios.

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Usability Testing

Testing to ensure usability flows work and are actually understandable and valuable to your users.

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Accessibility Testing

Beyond being a compliance requirement in many cases, accessibility testing is the right thing to do.

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Merge Trains

Keeping master green and ensuring the stability of collaboration on branches is vitally important. GitLab has introduced Merge Trains as an important way to accomplish this.

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Review Apps

Get a fully functional pre-production environment for every merge request that updates on each commit. See code running, and enable user acceptance testing and automated smoke tests before you merge.

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