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DevOps Platform

GitLab is The DevOps platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software faster, more efficiently, while strengthening security and compliance.

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The DevOps platform

DevOps tools shouldn’t create more problems than they solve. As DevOps initiatives mature, brittle toolchains built from point solutions break down, increasing cost, reducing visibility, and creating friction instead of value. Unlike DIY toolchains, a true DevOps platform let's teams iterate faster and innovate together. The goal is to remove complexity and risk providing everything you need to deliver higher quality, more secure software faster, with less risk and lower cost.

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A single application for the DevOps lifecycle
Work more efficiently
Identify blockers and address them immediately, in a single tool.
Deliver better software faster
Focus on delivering value—not maintaining integrations.
Reduce risk and cost.
Automate security and compliance without compromising speed or spend.
DevOps Platform Overview

GitLab DevOps platform benefits

As a single application for the complete DevOps lifecycle, GitLab is:
  • Comprehensive: Visualize and optimize your entire DevOps lifecycle with platform-wide analytics within the same system where you do your work.
  • Seamless: Use a common set of tools across teams and lifecycle stages, without dependencies on third-party plugins or APIs that can disrupt your workflow.
  • Secure: Scan for vulnerabilities and compliance violations with each commit.
  • Transparent and compliant: Automatically capture and correlate all actions—from planning to code changes to approvals—for easy traceability during audits or retrospectives.
  • Easy to adopt: Learn a single UX, manage a single data store, and run it all on your choice of infrastructure.

Easy to Adopt

“We’re bringing into the firm a platform that our engineers actually want to use – which helps drive adoption across multiple teams and increase productivity without having to ‘force’ anyone to adopt it. This is really helping to create an ecosystem where our end users are actively helping us drive towards our strategic goals - more releases, better controls, better software.”

George Grant
VP - Technology Fellow, Goldman Sachs
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    GitLab is more than just source code management or CI/CD. It is a full software development lifecycle & DevOps tool in a single application.

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