We are offering our top tiers for free to startups that meet the eligibility criteria.

During 2021, we are working on automation projects for this program that may cause disruptions to the application process. To help us prioritize, please let us know if your request is urgent by including "Urgent: [your request]" in the subject line of any email to startups@gitlab.com.


  • Free Ultimate license for a year (SaaS or self-managed)
  • Optional paid support at a discount (95% off, $4.95 per user per month)


The program is open to startups which meet all eligibility requirements:

  • Members of the current or two most recent YCombinator batches
  • Less than $3M in funding
  • Usage ping or any other product analytics service must be enabled in GitLab

Additional information

  • This offer is limited to 12 months
  • The number of seats is the number of different users that will use this license during the next year.
  • If you have any additional questions regarding this program, feel free to reach us at startups@gitlab.com.
  • Once you submit your application, we will request a screenshot of your Bookface profile to verify that you are part of Y-Combinator.

Application form